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      mamairenedoc mamairenedoc

      This is a film about Mama Irene, a remarkable 84-year-old woman Shaman (healer) from Peru, drawing upon indigenous knowledge and traditions in danger of being lost forever. Yet her craft is based primarily on her own intuition:

      “Spirits have told me in my dreams how to proceed.”


      Mama irene, healer of the andes is valuable visual ethnography

      The film is valuable for visual ethnography, as it is a contribution important to revalue and spread a sample of our cultural heritage immaterial, contributing to the dissemination and awareness of the safeguarding of Andean medical systems of Cusco.

      —Sr. Ricardo Guevara, Industrias Culturales de la Dirección Desconcertada de Cultura, Cusco, April 29, 2022

      The Consulate General of Peru in New York commends the work

      The Consulate General of Peru in New York commends the work of the production team from New York who gave us the documentary Mama Irene: Healer of the Andes. This heartfelt film draws attention to the value of traditional knowledge in the Andes of Peru, Read more

      —Deputy Consul Jose Emanuel Alvarez, March 15, 2022

      It’s a profoundly sensitive and courageous work

      It's a profoundly sensitive and courageous work. The steadiness of it’s compassionate, honest observation is an example of real human transcendence is as tangible a use of the film medium as I've ever seen.

      — William Hurt, Actor

      Oscar Miro-Quesada

      I watched your documentary in its entirety twice, feeling gratefully transformed as a witness to such emotionally evocative raw imagery of both place and person. You've been able to masterfully illumine the ancestral ethos meaningfully Read more

      — Oscar Miro-Quesada, The originator of the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of cross-cultural shamanism, Fellow in Ethnopsychology with the Organization of American State, invited Observer to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous issues.

      Ambassador of Peru to Canada, Roberto Rodríguez Arnillas

      Mama Irene - Healer of the Andes is a film that portrays the life of a Peruvian Andean woman connected to Mother Nature. A person of great faith who embraces the catholic religion, introduced to Peru from Occident, Read more

      Ambassador of Peru to Canada, Roberto Rodríguez Arnillas

      Margherita Tortora, Senior Lector II in Spanish

      Mamá Irene is a beautifully photographed documentary that brings the viewer into the stunning Valle Sagrado near Cusco in Peru to share some of the life experiences of a strong, wise, and talented Quechua woman. Read more

      Margherita Tortora, Senior Lector II in Spanish, Yale University Founder and Executive Director, Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale

      Jeffrey Quilter, Director of the Pre-Columbian Studies

      Mama Irene is a passion play of the everyday hardscrabble yet transcendent lives of Andean people today: high altitude but down to earth. Eight decades on, Mama Irene has seen hard times aplenty yet is rooted in Pachamama Read more

      Jeffrey Quilter, Director of the Pre-Columbian Studies (1995—2005), Harvard Research Center, Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs, Curator of Intermediate Area Archaeology, and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology, Peabody Museum, Howells Director of the Peabody Museum. From 2012-2019

      Wendy D

      I just finished watching Mama Irene, Healer of the Andes in my car, under the velvet light of Mama Quilla. I am almost speechless…moved to deep respect, laughter, but also many tears. I resonate with much of Mama Irene's path, Read more

      Wendy D

      Greenmotion Film Festival Freiburg, Germany

      We would like to announce you that our Jury has decided to award the Prize for the Special Topic Women- Environment - Activism to Mama Irene, Healer of the Andes For its beautiful portrait of a healer in Peru, focusing on the deep connection Read more

      (Greenmotion Film Festival Freiburg, Germany)

      Marine, Lyon, France

      Moi qui suis normalement sceptique sur ces thématiques, le film m’a pris et m’a fait voyagé -
      J'ai été captivé par ce parcours de femme.
      C'est un beau film d’amour avant tout. Qui délivre un message d’optimisme pour nos sociétés.

      Marine, Lyon, France


      How wonderful, I loved your film so much…and learned a lot, truly moved me deeply to witness a healer like Mama Irene.
      It is visually stunning, breathtaking…a true trip to the heart of the Peruvian Andes…thank you for all your blood, sweat and tears to make this happen.

      LK (Woodstock Film Festival, US)

      Victor Del Campo

      A título personal felicitaros por tan excelente trabajo, visioné la película, como todas las que seleccioné, antes de su exhibición en el Certamen de Cine Iberoamericano Hecho por Mujeres : Perú, es un documento visual importantísimo y creado con mucha belleza y con una fotografía excelente. Enhorabuena.

      Victor Del Campo
      Comisario de Arte , Comisario de la Iberoamericana y autor de la idea del Certamen de Cine Iberoamericano Hecho por Mujeres. Spain


      I watched it numerous times and the film in of itself is medicine. Medicine for women and men who desire to have their strength restored in Pachamama as living breathing being. It takes great courage to practice healing such as this when modern culture Read more



      I have deep gratitude for Mama Irene's willingness to share this sacred medicine for the larger healing of the heart of humanity. Her example of how to live in alignment with higher guidance , always fulfilling her purpose, is a sacred instruction. Read more


      AS, Germany

      I loved the film!!! Thank you so much! I watched it three times and it is simply a treasure! More than a film, it is an initiation, a transformative journey and a big lesson about love, community and caring for each other. Thank you from all of my heart!

      AS, Germany

      MR Denmark

      A little over a week ago we watched the Mama Irene film. What a moving and important story. What an amazing woman! Showing Mama Irene’s healing methods without filter, telling her story, see her walk around in the mountains, seeing how the beautiful masculine in Puma, Alfredo holds her space, respect and care for her…… It is a brave and powerful film. Thank you Elisabeth!

      MR Denmark
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