Today, at age 85, Mama Irene continues to see patients daily in her healing space in Cusco, regardless of their ability to pay. Most can only offer a few eggs, perhaps a guinea pig, or a few soles.

When I started this documentary, I pledged I would give back to her, to her family and community when the film was finished.

This is even more important now, during the continued hardships the pandemic has created.

I will be donating % of net revenues received from the film’s distribution. It is my sincere hope this film will help support her in her later years.

If you have been inspired by Mama Irene and would like to make a contribution, you can donate directly using the Donate through Paypal button below.

Tax-exempt donations can also be made through the film’s fiscal sponsor, Center for Independent Documentary, using the button below.

Thank you for helping me to share Mama Irene’s precious wisdom and knowledge for audiences today, and hopefully for generations to come.