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    This is a film about Mama Irene, a remarkable 84-year-old woman Shaman (healer) from Peru, drawing upon indigenous knowledge and traditions in danger of being lost forever. Yet her craft is based primarily on her own intuition:

    “Spirits have told me in my dreams how to proceed.”


    “Mama irene, healer of the andes is valuable visual ethnography”

    "The film is valuable for visual ethnography, as it is a contribution important to revalue and spread a sample of our cultural heritage immaterial, contributing to the dissemination and awareness of the safeguarding of Andean medical systems of Cusco."

    —Sr. Ricardo Guevara, Industrias Culturales de la Dirección Desconcertada de Cultura, Cusco, April 29, 2022

    “The Consulate General of Peru in New York commends the work”

    "The Consulate General of Peru in New York commends the work of the production team from New York who gave us the documentary “Mama Irene: Healer of the Andes”. This heartfelt film draws attention to the value of traditional knowledge in the Andes of Peru, and allows the world to appreciate the age-old links between Peruvian culture and natural ecosystems. Focusing on the moving story and wisdom of strong Peruvian Quechua woman Mama Irene, the film also showcases breathtaking mountain landscapes and the unique characteristics and colors of Andean Peruvian culture."

    —Deputy Consul Jose Emanuel Alvarez, March 15, 2022

    “It’s a profoundly sensitive and courageous work”

    "It's a profoundly sensitive and courageous work. The steadiness of it’s compassionate, honest observation is an example of real human transcendence is as tangible a use of the film medium as I've ever seen."

    — William Hurt, Actor

    “You’ve been able to masterfully illumine the ancestral ethos”

    "I watched your documentary in its entirety twice, feeling gratefully transformed as a witness to such emotionally evocative raw imagery of both place and person. You’ve been able to masterfully illumine the ancestral ethos meaningfully in-forming both sacred and secular dimensions of traditional Andean runa experience, which you convincingly accomplished by focusing the visionary intention behind your documentary on the urgency of safeguarding the spoken medicinal wisdom and ceremonial healing artistry associated with this revered elder woman hampiq from Chincheros…which is no small task. Again, my heartfelt congratulations dear one."

    — Oscar Miro-Quesada