I watched it numerous times and the film in of itself is medicine. Medicine for women and men who desire to have their strength restored in Pachamama as living breathing being. It takes great courage to practice healing such as this when modern culture

Mama Irene’s devotion and her pure purpose in healing opened something very healing in me,

I went to Ausagante a number of years ago and I felt reassured by the laughter Mama Irene shared with the women who live locally there. That sense of warm and joyful company between women really emanated from the scene.

The way that Mama Irene walked with forward conviction along the trail inspired that one can be in their feminine power even when all odds appear against you. The Earth / Pachamama lays a path for you to step onto and it requires a recommitment to the path over a lifetime. Mama Irene reinforced this within me.

I am moved by how consciously she prepares her despacho from gathering plants to organizing the coca leaves to voicing her prayers Read more