A conversation with Terra C. from TreeSisters Organization, Elisabeth Möhlmann (co-director and producer) Magaly Quispe Singona and Nelly Vilca Huaman (students of Mama Irene).


For this month’s Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth, we are delighted to bring the story of Mama Irene, Healer of the Andes. Together we witness a story of a remarkable 84-year-old woman Shaman from Peru, who overcame immense trauma and continues to inspire and draw upon Indigenous knowledge and traditions in danger of being lost forever.

What makes Mama Irene’s story even more incredible is that this gift of healing comes primarily from her intuition, being discovered by chance at three years old. “Spirits have told me in my dreams how to proceed.” ~ Mama Irene

We were fortunate to meet with Co-Director, Elisabeth Mohlmann, Nelly Vilca Huaman and Magaly Quispe Singona, two women who have trained with Mama Irene. Magaly is also Mama Irene’s maternal granddaughter.

From them, we hear about the making of the film, time spent with Mama Irene, and stories and teachings about respect, honor and guidance. They remind us we all have gifts, that power lies within us and that we need to be open to the elements, spirits, energies and ancestors to guide us.

For more information about the film or Mama Irene, please visit mamairenedoc.com.

Here is a link to their August online courses: https://www.noqankani.com/classes

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